-About Us - The leaders in Plaque Mounting in Markham

We are a family owned business that  focuses on providing modern photo mounting solutions to a variety of  clientele. We offer a range of services to commercial and corporate  clients along with the fine art community. Our mounting and finishing  services are incomparable and we are committed to providing you with the  best service and quality possible. If you are considering frameless  photo mounting options, please feel free to contact us in order to  discuss the steps necessary to successfully execute your vision.


Choosing the perfect photo mounting  option can be intimidating. We'll make the process easy and fun! We specialize in mounting your images on wood. Specifically, we are experts in Plaque Mounting in Markham,  Float Mount and Flush Mounting. Aside from mounting onto wood, we can  also mount your images onto canvas, acrylic and even image encapsulation. We are proud to provide the best Lamination in Markham. Come check us out!