Aside from mounting, we also offer front sided or double sided  lamination. Encapsulating your images, also known as double sided  lamination, is ideal for restaurant menus, maps, price lists, and much  more. Our lamination material comes in many options from high gloss scratch resistant to matte. 


Your image is mounted to a 3/8" thick MDF board and then sealed with a  custom laminate which protects your image from contaminants such as UV  light, dirt and moisture. The edges of the plaque are bevelled and  finished with your choice of color. A slot on the reverse is routed for  hanging flush to the wall.  


Your image is dry-mounted on 1/8" tempered masonite and sealed with a  laminate of your choice. A 3/4" box frame is then adhered to the back  flush to the image edge, creating a three dimensional look. Edges are  bevelled and finished in your choice of color.  


Your image is mounted on a 1/8" masonite and heat sealed with a laminate  of your choice. a 3/4" box frame is then adhered to the back 2" from  the outer edge giving the illusion that the picture is floating off the  wall. The edges are beveled and finished with your choice of color. A  keyhole slot is then routed on the box frame for hanging off the wall. 


Our acrylic prints are sure to bring out the best in your photographs by enhancing the vibrant colours in your print, and adding a 3D look. Your image will be facemounted between a 1/4" plexiglass and sintra board finishes with polished edges. 


Your image is printed on fine art canvas material, then wrapped around a 1.5" wooden stretcher frame. Finished with your choice of edging - black, white or mirrored. 

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